From Old Fort, NC, Tim Carter’s vision of a green low carbon footprint system has been developing over a span of about 20 years of study and experimenting with components. The new building system will provide a habitat with attributes of a LEED* building, that is ...
  • healthy
  • sustainable
  • energy efficient
  • waste minimizing
  • low carbon footprint

*LEED - Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design

There are dual goals:

  1. Cause the least negative impact to the environment
  2. Deliver the most value to the occupants

The diagram below outlines the desired qualities:


Green Building Qualities

Design is critical for a durable, secure and confortable facility that meets every need of functionality and minimizes energy requirements. The attributes in the diagram outline the quality expectations that the owner/occupant will define. (Click on diagram to enlarge.)

How can we incorporate all of these criteria in the design?

We will rely heavily on guidelines from the Lean Construction Institute to strive for perfect compliance and maximum value.

Collaboration with the owner and architect and contractors is focused on what each criterion looks like. Although most will be enabled in some way in the physical design, it will be up to the owner/occupant to apply the functionality.

Standard precautions specified for construction prevent moisture, mold, insects, and radon inside the building envelope. Materials specified are durable and will not rot or deteriorate. Shop fabricated wall panels serve as insulating concrete forms and include some components normally field installed by specialty contractors.  

Examine the possibilities not only for residential construction, but also, for buildings in general. 

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