A Project Controls Manager is a project manager with a focus on schedule, budget and cost.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity to become proactive. Here is the plan:

  • Facilitate the team to design to a cost target then engage the team to collaborate throughout, to assure that the cost target is maintained.
  • Facilitate collaboration among contractors to structure and sequence the work logically for maximum value and no wasted effort.
  • Facilitate team participation to schedule work in the short term based on what can be done for predictable workflow. 
  • Identify and facilitate team solutions to barriers preventing work that should be done. 
  • Continue to track cost and schedule forecast, communicate and enlist participation to improve results.
  • Dynamically restructure the work and re-allocate budgets if appropriate during execution. 

Refer to Lean Construction Institute (LCI) guidelines for implementation excellence. 

(This is not necessarily sanctioned by the Earned Value Management System, EVMS, but when tracking the project, earned value should be calculated and compared with actual cost.)  

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